“Albany has a proven track record of providing contract management solutions that deliver maximum returns for investor clients!”

We bring a wealth of experience in SPC Management Services to  multiple sectors including healthcare, education, accommodation, judicial, waste management and renewables.  Our portfolio approach ensures efficient knowledge sharing, pro-active risk management and the use of best industry practice to identify trends and deliver a consistent and reliable service across a diverse range of sectors.

Our services are tailored to meet specific project requirements and contract management reporting  to ensure optimum service delivery for investors  and shareholders.

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  • Provide a dedicated and qualified general manager.
  • Manage relationships as the key point of contact between client, sub-contractors, advisers and shareholder.
  • Provide performance monitoring of all sub-contractors and regular audits.
  • Provide relevant reports as defined by the Project documents.
  • Attend and report at all meetings as required by the Project documents.
  • Monitor and manage standardised procedures and controls including risk management.
  • Undertake regular system reviews in accordance with the Project documents.
  • Provide professionally qualified health and safety advice and technical guidance.
  • Manage compliance in accordance with all current legislation including health and safety and environmental legislation.
  • Assist with all aspects of the sustainability strategy.
  • Ensure compliance and competitiveness of insurance premia at all times.
  • Act as the public relations link in the local community if required.
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We bring experience of SPC Management Services to a number of different sectors including health, education, accommodation, waste management and renewables.