“Albany identify RISKS and maximise VALUE across the portfolio!”

Our lifecycle team has extensive experience of improving operational lifecycle management performance across multiple sectors by working closely with the Project Company’s FM Sub-contractor and shaping the whole production process.  This transformation is effective in controlling project risks, protecting the client’s investments and maximising value.

We collaborate extensively with our FM Sub-contractor to develop tailored asset management plans utilising industry leading data collection software to deliver condition oriented investment planning.  This gives resilience to projects at a time when lifecycle costs are ramping up due to the maturing PFI/PPP asset base.

Our in-house developed analytical tools support trend analysis giving real time asset intelligence that aid our investor clients and stakeholders to make the best decisions on their assets.

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  • We undertake lifecycle operational reviews to clarify responsibilities of both Project Company and FM Sub-contractor and establish the correct governance required under the project documents.
  • We manage and coordinate Project Company’s obligations in the Project Agreement and Project Documents in relation to lifecycle funds, programmes, and works.
  • We deliver strategic asset management reviews with tailored output to meet our investors requirements.
  • We have a proven track record of investor value enhancement through lifecycle cost re-modelling.
  • We protect investor returns through asset knowledge - supported by in-house risk management tools.
  • We can advise on contract expiry through ‘Handback Health checks’ comprising of a detailed contract review and expiry lifecycle modelling and management.
  • We have developed standardised Board reporting dashboards giving investors clear and up to date lifecycle financial data.
  • We regularly collaborate with FM Sub-contractors to agree lifecycle replacements appraisals that balance the needs of all stakeholders.
  • We produce 5-Year asset management planning in accordance with the project documents and validation of our FM Sub-contractors condition survey reports.
  • We can undertake lifecycle cost benchmarking; whole-life or remaining life, supported by sector specific in-house actual lifecycle expenditure data.
  • We provide contract variation costing appraisals to give the most economically advantageous capex and opex solution.
  • We have experience in developing lifecycle procurement strategies for agreement with investors. This may involve alignment with the investor’s wider procurement strategy.
Case Studies

We bring experience of SPC Management Services to a number of different sectors including health, education, accommodation, waste management and renewables.