“Albany incorporates ESG strategies into our core Business Model!”

ESG has become a key focus in both the business and investment worlds.  We recognise that the importance of ESG is not only to the markets we provide services to but also that sustainability, environmental protection, social justice, and ethical management are increasingly meaningful to our customers and our workforce.  We incorporate ESG strategies and reporting into our core Business Model by creating an environment that naturally lends itself to a high quality and flexible approach.  Our delivery strategy and employee health and wellness benefits achieve strong environmental, social, and governance ratings across our projects and within our organisation.

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  • A flexible, office based and home working policy to reduce our everyday carbon footprint and improve our health and wellbeing.
  • Living by our core values by decentralising ownership of them as they are owned jointly by our employees and individuals delivering the services.
  • Implementing strategic ESG goals (GRESB) improving our returns year on year.
  • Achieving superior returns for our investors through ESG management of assets.
  • Improved risk management by focusing on ESG risks and benefits.
  • Empowering people by involving employees in ESG goals and campaigns.
Case Studies

We bring experience of SPC Management Services to a number of different sectors including health, education, accommodation, waste management and renewables.